Oslo was awarded the 6th Cyberconf in 1997 by Sandy Stone, the queen of cyberspace.  Around 200 participants attended the lectures that took place at the University of Oslo.

The Norwegian planning minister Bendik Rugås opened the conference. The open panel debate at the University Hall discussed amongst other themes how cyberspace today only include rich Western countries, while a continent like Africa is virtually excluded. The relationship between body, identity and the machine will also be among the many discussion topics. The art exhibition “e-on” curated and organized by Stahl Stenslie was put up in the House of Artists /Kunstnernes Hus. This was the first exhibition of new Norwegian virtual art.

– Cyberspace is an emerging area of ​​research at the university. Currently, the possibility of getting a scholarship in the field of small, but we hope that this conference will help to arouse greater interest in cyberspace. Today, the interest among young researchers, fellows and graduate students rather large, but not among the more established, said the head of the conference, Morten Soby from Educational Research.

Cyberspace: defined in «Neuromancer» by William Gibson in 1984. Her ble cyberspace definert som en sammensmelting mellom mennesket og datanettet. I dag er cyberspace en metafor som i stor grad dekker datanettet/Internett. Å definere cyberspace er et eget tema på konferansen.

Cyborg: represents the intertwining of human, machine and the computer network. A cyborg looks at information technology as a prosthesis / extension of the senses.


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