ARCART was a first attempt to a establish a forum and a kind of pre-academy for contemporary art in Tromso. It was organized twice by Stahl Stenslie (2002 and 2004) in collaboration with local artists, politicians, The Tromsø Center for Contemporary Art and The Norwegian Council for Cultural Affairs *Kulturradet().

Art on the Edge, 2002
Reflections upon Extreme (Media) Art Practices
Tromso, Norway January 26th-27th, 2002

How far can art go? What conceptual and ethical boundaries of art can be found in virtual space and electronic media? Can this arena be fully free? Which invisible determinants and unknown powers work upon art built by information and communication technologies? How is it possible for the audience to process art that transgresses ethical borders? Which art practices -if any- can be called extreme? How do extreme art practices differ from other art practices which also go beyond the =91normal=92? Can extreme artistic expressions contribute to ethical discourse? As the digital media arts have become established, and therefore rendered powerless, what post-digital distortions can we expect? Is there something beyond art, a jenseits, a trans-art? Is it possible to find strategies to detect, analyze and verbalize these areas which transgress visual communication? The seminar will present examples of extreme media art and discuss views on art practice on the edge of conventional borders.

ArcArt 02=92s focus is on emerging, experimental (media) art and its influence on expressions in contemporary art. The symposium aims to expand the limits of the art world as we know it today.
The extreme environment of the Far North has inspired us to focus on artistic practices and expressions =91on the edge=92 =97 and beyond. The city of Tromsø in Northern Norway will host the conference Art on the Edge.

‘The closer I get to the limits, the crazier my art gets’

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