Sky Music

Sky Music

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– golden tunes for heavens and Earth

The project is a site-specific concert and musical experience placed around the city center of Harstad, northern Norway in 2012. By following invisible pathways through town you will pass different soundclouds. The project enables a new form of musical experience that occurs through position specific movements. The listener composes his own concert where he goes. The sound clouds are based on the sounds from The Golden Record which was sent up with the Voyager satellite in 1974. The sounds on that 12-inch gold-plated copper disk are meant to portray the diversity of life and culture on Earth. In Harstad, these sounds are complemented, expanded and commented with a selection of sounds recorded locally.

How to:

  1. Download the LAYAR app to your Iphone/Ipad/Android Smartphone.
  2. Open LAYAR. Search for and open the layer NMH.
  3. Walk outside and around NMH (16. May 2012), Teknisk Museum (20. May 2012), Harstad sentrum (from 22. June 2012).

About the sounds:

Martin Nygård Haug: (title?)

Voyager Golden Record includes greetings in many different languages. Those are the sound materials for a composition in ten parts. The first track Compromise nine of the greetings, while the tenth track individually enhances them. The languages ​​are English, French, German, Latin, Greek, Nguni, Japanese, Cantonese, and Oriya.

Veronica Ski Berg: Small metamorphosis

Short clips put together in a series of small compositions. The series consists of processed sounds that children and young people in Harstad has recorded and sent to me. With their sounds I put emphasis on the things I find interesting and emphasize them, while I wish that the contributions should be clearly recognizable to those who have helped with the recording. Small metamorphosis is an educational project, which is both intended to make young people more aware of what kinds of sounds exist in the environment, as well as giving them a taste of what you can do with sound and still recognize it.

Eirik B. Narjord: Music with variations

Two musical excerpts from The Golden Record chosen for Glenn Gould playing a Bach Fugue in C, and percussionists from Senegal plays Tchenhoukoumen. They are in their original form presented first, followed by four variations each created by unrestrained manipulation of digital audio information.

Jonas Skaarud: And slowly away …

In this work, I describe a journey from the known to the unknown – from “earthly” to the distant. The sounds are based on “sounds from Earth,” from the Voyager Golden Record. First sounds are heard in their original form – but gradually they move you away from the surface of the Earth, further and further away; With each audio clip sounds will become more and more abstract, and eventually you will be able to only feel the traces left from the Earth sounds as if you were far out there, lonely and gazing down at your own planet – Earth, only capturing its crisp dark blue color.

Beate B. Løkken and Axel Kieland: Audio search

The sounds are based on three typical Norwegian “phenomena”: seagull screaming, reindeer screaming and a coastal steamer spout. Each sound is processed to sound as different from the original as possiblel. There are 10 different levels with the level 10 being the furthest removed from the original. As you approach your destination, you will hear that there is more reminiscent of the original.

Directed by: Stahl Stenslie


  • Jonas Skaarud
  • Eirik B. Narjord
  • Martin Nygård Haug
  • Veronica Ski Berg
  • Beate B. Løkken
  • Axel Kielland

A project by: The Norwegian Academy Of Music, Oslo, Norway

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