Chapter in The Oxford Handbook of Virtuality, Edited by Mark Grimshaw, OUP USA Oxford Handbooks in Music, 2013.
By Stahl Stenslie. Summary of the text. To read the full text online follow this link.


The chapter treats cybersex as a multifaceted form of erotic experience and interaction, explaining how we use digital and computer-based technologies to do it and why. It traces the term from its historic origins, via current practice and technologies, toward experimental, multisensory, and future-oriented possibilities. The concept of cybersex is explained as a set of complex, wide-ranging practices from sex chat, teledildonics, sex with machines, visions of instant sex and cyberorgasms, to telematic communication in bodysuits. Central to this overview are also critical commentaries that color and channel cybersexual practice, societal acceptance, addiction, ethics, and technological developments. Important questions treated include, Is cybersex “real”? Or just the virtual counterpart of sex? A fake, phantom kind of sex? And perhaps the most challenging question: What is the future of sexuality?


To read the full text online follow this link.


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