Open_Brunch: Post Digital

Presentation at Dutch Electronic Art Festival, Rotterdam, 2004.
By Stahl Stenslie. Summary of the presentation. To read more about the event follow this link.


Keywords: self-sacrifice, suicide, love, politics, radical cultural changes in the understanding and use of technology and media art, The post digital Fury.

The brunch will present and discuss the current post digital (r)evolution. This is both a radical break and continuance to the digitalismus -the belief in digital technologies- that the 90ies brought. After 911 technology is less about mastering the “universal dream-machines”, and more about how we as humans put technology to use.
Now we have entered a zone for a new sensitivity, mirroring the new needs, hopes and actions experienced in a world ruled by conflicts caused by the old New Economy, failed globalism and war on other beliefs.
What can we expect? The brunch will focus on three post digital expressions: i) self sacrifice and human-bombs as post digital actionism, ii) love as the manifestation of post digital ideology and iii) evil as the new interface between politics and religion.

The Post Digital concept serves as a navigational device for the experimental art of this decade, setting the frame of the aesthetical discourse. It focuses on a social-subjective concept of art; about art involved in complex processes on a human scale. Presentations/guests:

  • Stahl Stenslie (Norway)  : Post Digital Technologies: on love, death and evil
  • Kate Pendry (England) : From SGI to fishhooks
  • Jurij Krpan (Slovenia) : art as evil – comments on an invented, culturally manipulated reality

Food: 5 course action-brunch. Speedy chicks run between the crowd delivering out five different foods at five different times during the brunch.
Room design: The crowd is seated comfortably either i) in groups of 5 people sitting on soft pillows around one round table, or ii) all lying on one round platform (food-orgy-sharing-sacrifice)
The whole “restaurant” is shaped as a round space. Three projection screens are placed around it to insure everybody is seeing everything – without twisting their head or stopping to eat.

Other contributions:

  • Oliver Kunkel (D) on sexual technologies as open, communicative praxis
  • Suicide Fashion +++

Open_Brunch: Post Digital at V2_

Post Digital Brunch