Stitchies: Towards Telehaptic Performativity

Published in Proceedings of TEI ’14, the 8th International Conference on Tangible, Embedded and Embodied Interaction. Publisher: ACM, NY, USA, 2014.
By Stahl Stenslie, Tony Olsson, Andreas Göransson, David Cuartielles.
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The Stitchies system consists of two bodysuits which each incorporate a network of 120 microprocessors. Each bodysuit is Bluetooth enabled and can connect to any handheld device or computer. Through connecting to a handheld device or computer the suits connect to an off-site server. Suits can be configured to run individually or to act as mirror suits. Mirrored Suits are connected to each other and any interaction with one suit will be reflected to the other. The suits create an immersive and closed personal experience. The art installation has several tangible aspects, in particular through the immersive sense of touch provided by bodysuits. Stitchies represent a technological innovation involving the development of new computational technology in the form of ‘intelligent’ sensors and effectors. The project represents an artistic and practice based approach to touch. It targets how we experience touch and touch related emotions in online mode. It is creative in its innovative technical architecture and represents a next step towards including touch as a creative expression.


To read the full text follow this link


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