Telehaptic Awareness

Paper in ACM TEI, 2013, Barcelona, Spain.
By Stahl Stenslie, Tony Olsson, Andreas Göransson, David Cuartielles.
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In this paper we present the next iteration in our study of wearable and mobile haptic communication, proposing to conduct a many-to-many haptic communication experiment over time. We wish to present the project and results in both the Demo and Poster format.

There are several projects that have investigated telehaptic communication between single users. However, there are few, if any projects that have investigated telehaptic communication between many- to-many users. Given the mass usage of smartphones and social media; such ‘social haptics’ promise to shed new light on technologically possible, future applications that employ embodied communication.

The project group has developed several single user, full body haptic systems with up to 80 variable vibrotactile outputs. These represent advanced and specialized single user haptic systems. In this experiment we propose to change focus toward a telehaptic system targeting multiple users. A critical issue for mobile haptic applications is that users physically have to wear the system on their body. Current full body systems are too complex to be worn over time. A simplified system enables the user to wear and use haptic interactions more frequently. Reducing the complexity of our previous solutions enables us to investigate haptic communication and stimulation in an everyday setting and over longer periods of time. This study will help us understand more about the effects of haptic interactions in a many- to-many scenario where users are distributed over large distances; it will also work as the foundation for defining our future studies within distributed haptic interactions.


To read the full text follow this link


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