Somatic Sound

Somatic Sound

Somatic Sound is an installation of perception and physical modeling of three-dimensional space through sound. The touch sensitive sphere is used in the installation to be able to move and compose the sound in the room. The sound is a direct, physical and dynamic experience.

The project shows how new technologies can create spatial experiences based on sound. The installation’s dimensional sound world is composed in real time through the touch controller. A sphere of 25 speakers frame the experience room where the user is over wrapped by a noise with precise directions and volumes. The sound wraps around as a physical and spatial experience, and through  physical interactivity sound creates sensuous field of experience in each participant.

Developed in collaboration with NOTAM and Thom Johansen (programming).
Thanks to Koka Nikoladze contribution to sound.
The project is also supported by the Arts Council and AHO.


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