Eco Inn

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– an exhibition of performing office plants

The project’s aim is to draw attention to mis/use of  ‘eco’ concept, in art and in other contexts. Showing the conditions of living office plants reflects the project’s global challenges in the environment and the climate debate. Furthermore, the project seeks to explore new dissemination methods by searching beyond the normal gallery context into the public space.

Eco-Inn exhibits office plants as individual ‘eco’ sculptures. The plants performing are taken out of their authentic office environments. The plants’ conditions together with photographic documentation of their original offices focuses on our near-organic life. Plants form a major part of our created environments, but they are rarely the subject of questioning. Eco-Inn’s range of non-performing plants shows how our everyday close-to-ecological environment reflects on our relationship with the global environment. The exhibition sets such serious questions in an ironic and humorous way. How can we solve global climate problems when we do not even manage to irrigate our own office plants?

Plants in the home and in the office is something we all have experience with. Typically, they spread well-being and energy. They only need basic care such as light and water. The project comes here into a long-term,  absurd rehabilitation of the plants. The title Eco-Inn is portrayed in the exhibition space facade as a flashing neon sign. It plays on associations of hotels and resorts for plants.

Words like ‘global warming’, ‘sustainability’, ‘CO2 emission allowances’ and a number of other green and organic buzzwords create a climate fears for the future. At the same time, they represent large and clear idea that we can actually understand them.

By making each office plant into a sculpture with its own description and history, makes the project that the plant’s fate becomes clear. It seems specific, but could be sourced from anywhere. It is a symbol of our own inability to act, but also the global state.

The word ecology is derived from the Greek Oikos which means home, family and house hold. The project examines our daily environment, the project is also organic art.

To read the description as PDF follow this link

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