Tongue knife

Tongue knife

The Tongue Knife (2009) is a razorsharp knife attached to the tongue. It is made from a combination of silver and surgical steel. The knife can be attached to the tongue in several ways, but the most effective is through a piercing.

The purpose of the tongue knife project is to explore the possible dramaturgies of body extensions, extending and commenting on our tongues both in terms of language and as an organ of sensing. The knife transforms the tongue from a soft and sensual organ into a poisonous and lethal instrument.

The body modification represents another of Stahl Stenslie’s artistic explorations of the body as a sensing and sensual organ.

The tongue knife was realized in 2009 and was performed in the ‘Serpents Tongue – Dance of the Tongue Knife’ by Kate Pendry and Stahl Stenslie at the SKC center, Beograd, Serbia.


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