Suicide Fashion II

Suicide Fashion

Suicide Fashion Zagreb (2005)
Performance at The Touch Me Festival
Location: old factory Badel, Zagreb, 16.09.2005.

The S.U.F.I. project develops fashion clothing custom fit for suicide. All models are quality controlled and fully functional. Seven models were presented at the Zagreb venue, all looking great while dying.

In this post-catastrophe decade of the 911, suicide has become a fashionable phenomenon. It is not the regular Parisian one, but the fashion of dying. There is a steady rise in the number of humans that voluntarily pushes the button or pulls the string in the name of self-annihilation. These numbers show a clear, global trend towards using the human as an expendable weapon. On the one side a life has become a material in a material war. On the other we encounter a political-religious (politious) cultural trend where individuals find it quite alright to sacrifice their lives. The suits manifests, symbolize and problematize these issues. They are icons of the Post Digital era, signified by a new effectiveness, awareness and practice in the use of “high tech”. However smart digital technologies are marketed, the human as technology is the decisive factor. In the fight for media attention a more basic device has emerged as the weapon of choice – a life itself. As the result of a long cultural process we have come to a point of technological meltdown where the language and use of new media has escaped the digital coffin (PC) and found appliances in the flesh.

The project sprung out of the increasing instrumentalization of the suicide as tool and weapon within regional conflicts. It is both one of the most extreme tendencies of the last years as well as a sign of the apocalyptic mood that has marked this decade. The suicide bombers are the logo of the Palestine-Israeli, the Tamil Tiger/Sri Lanka, the Iraq conflict. Beyond pointing to how suicide is used as political weapon, the project focus on the aesthetical effects it creates. Manifestations of this are the anesthetization of death and sociopathic behavior.

S.U.F.I. is therefore about phenomenons like:

  • Post-human ideals in the Post Digital era
  • Sociocultural aspects of the so-called “global culture”
  • Geo-political conflicts
  • Transparent Technologies – like smart clothing
  • New networks between technologies, political affairs and believes

In a socio-political context suicide is one of the strongest ways to communicate your message. Suicide bombers are the F-16s of the poor. And a much more intelligent weapon. Or is it?


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