The T2 symposiums investigate how new technologies affect theatrical expressions. Two one-day symposiums will be arranged during the Ibsen festival. The goal is to discuss new dramaturgical practices and expressions. The symposiums are interdisciplinary, investigating the performing arts through the optics of other art practices.

“We live inside an enormous novel. … The writer’s task is to invent the reality”
With these words from ‘Crash’, J. G. Ballard hints at how language scripts our society and our experiences. To him, language is at the heart of how reality is constituted. But now new and digital media have forever affected the way we write and read. How does this in turn affect dramaturgical practice? Or the role of the actor? How to –or must we- rebuild the stage? With questions like these, T2 aims at being a symposium facilitating action, debates and critical reflection



FRIDAY 19.9 11am – 2.30pm
Boris Debackere (NL), V2 – centre for unstable media, Rotterdam: How the theatre changes the way we see technology?
Ragnhild Tronstad (N) senior researcher AHO: Mixing Realities, Playing with the Theatrical: Theatre and Other Technologies of Play. Ragnhilds research is focused on the intersections between new media art and aesthetics, theatre, performance, play, and games.
Anders Sundnes Løvlie (N/DK): Distributed public games, or: How can we be together when we’re apart? Anders is a researcher in media-science at the IT-University in København. His focus is on locative media and literature, online debates, computer games and media design.

SATURDAY 20.9 11am – 2.30pm
Dragan Živadinov (SL) leader of the 0-Gravity Theatre and director of The Cultural Centre of European Space Technologies (KSEVT), Slovenia: What Happens when the Theatre moves Into Outer Space?
Elena Pérez, PhD candidate in Art and Media studies at NTNU: The impact of digital media in contemporary performance: the convergence of theatre and technology create the genres of multimedia theatre, telematic performance and mixed reality. How does the inclusion of digital media challenge traditional conventions and ways of working in the theatre?
• Debate with Živadinov , Pérez and Debackere


Arranged by: Ståle Stenslie in collaboration with Nationaltheatret.
Funded by The Arts Council Norway.
Programme committee: Ine T. Berg and Ståle Stenslie



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