World Ripple

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Would you like to feel the touch of emptiness? Sense God? Or slip into Elvis’ skin? Be loved by multiple personalities? Sense fear? Be attacked by invisible creatures? Hunt others emotions? Be hit by a global (sense) wave?

World Ripple:

  • is a psychoplastic structure: a sensual, haptic, invisible and immaterial sculpture rendered by emotions
  • is a tactile, binaural, context and location sensitive experience
  • transforms open, empty space into an arena for social sculptures
  • uses the empty world as a artistic interface for physical experience
  • overlaps virtual data with physical reality to make experiential fiction
  • is a pscyhoplastic structure modelling and affecting embodied sensations and psychological perceptions.

World Ripple builds sculptures out of emotions rendered real. It is an invisible, immaterial sculpture made sensually senseable by a tactile, wireless, mobile bodysuit with a binaural sound system. The sculptures are triggered by GPS coordinates. They are expressed as physical stimulations and soundbased compositions. The sculptures of World Ripple are experiential –and sensed- in the open, outdoor landscape. As computer constructed structures they can be endlessly large and dynamic experiences that can cross, be sensed around and encompass the world. The users wear a transparent, bodybased and visually hidden system. The bodysuit is worn underneath the ordinary clothing and the mobile, sensor- and GPS based system is carried in a shoulderbag. Walking through the world users will sense and interfere with the sculptures. In the zones of collision between different structures and users new patterns of interference will arise, forming new, interpersonal and social ripples. Over time the sculptures will be changed by the users personal tracks – becoming a social construction zone for shared feelings.

User interaction: Interaction with the sculpture is done by simply walking around. World Ripple can be experienced without any previous training or knowledge. It is only based on presence. The user wears a lightweight bodysuit and a PDA or laptop in a shoulderbag. The user can change the sculpture by touching the pressure- and biometric sensors in the bodysuit, or via the web based sculpture editor.

Disappearing interface: In World Ripple the visual interface has disappeared. The non-visual interaction creates new spaces of experience based on presence, direct corporal experience and shared, social happenings. World Ripple takes the users out of the white cube and into the world as an interface. By mobile media the real world is mapped, affected and changed.

Social plastics: World Ripple codes the users to behave differently from other people in public space. Users are given new movements in the way they have to walk around, search for structures, stop, sense and possibly by physical reactions (exclamations, voice, utterings etc).

Social sculpture: The project builds new spaces of experience based on presence, corporal experience and shared, social experience. Multiple users will investigate social-sensual interference in real-time. Over time the sculptures become a social construction that is affected, amplified and built based on the behaviour of the users. World Ripple collects material and builds itself. It is programmed to transform the users impressions and emotions into experiential material. The social interaction inbetween the users as well as the interaction between the user and singular sculptures (data) are mapped back into the database. The sculpture is given its new expression as overlayed emotions both in the shape of contrasts and harmonies. The new recombinations can be both constructive (amplified expressions) as well as destructive interference (disappearing sensations).

To read the full description as PDF follow this link

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