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– The AgeStrap – fetishsizing age related immobility

The project targets our future, geriatric society, creating a performative and experiential space that lets visitors literally dress up in the everyday aesthetics of old age. The body interfaces are built as a combination of clothing and prostheses. They are sensory inhibitional devices that let visitors and performers experience how old age influence our sensual and sensory perceptions. The devices sculpt and transform healthy bodies into lesser functional ones. As such the Sexiatrics suits create both an existential impression and a sensorial state of dysfunction, trauma and decay. The artworks function as i) sculptures displayed as an installation in the exhbition, ii) performance where young people dress/use the artworks as they walk among the audience, and iii) as pieces that the audience can try either individually or together in a sexiatric encounter.

A project for the Geriatric Extravagant bodies

Extravagant bodies: Extravagant age is intergenerational collaborative, cross-sectoral and transdisciplinary project dedicated to artistic and critical theoretical questioning of the individual and social implications of the third age. It is realized through partnership collaboration of senior citizen’s agencies and curatorial organizations for the purpose of initiating direct social inclusion through artistic and collective practices, placing the elderly not only as a mere topic of the project but as active participants in the conceptualization and implementation of activities that consider them straightforwardly. Contextually referring to the phenomenon of the aging society through the local particularities and universal issues of age (economy, health, leisure, love, sexuality and death), local and international artists, scholars, scientists, professionals and common people will reveal the creative potential and competences, and the complex implications of a wide range of topics, from memory, loneliness, boredom, uselessness and depression, to scientific innovations in lifespan prolongation, prostheses and regenerative medicine etc. The project brings together artists, curators, experts in philosophy, sociology, anthropology, medicine and futurology in Zagreb, Rijeka, Belgrade and London. The outcomes of the project are 4 exhibitions in 4 cities, performances, workshops, living rooms activities, a conference, artists talks/debates, project presentations, a bi-lingual publication (250 pp.).

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