Sense Memory


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– a project on the text, theater and sensory technology
By Narve Hovdenakk, Edy Poppy and Stahl Stenslie

Sense Memory experiments with the sensual combination of text and technology. It extends the theater’s traditional form and includes the bodies of the audience, both as a stage and performers. The project transforms the bodily memories of the authors – so called sense memories – into text, which in turn is transferred to three-dimensional sound and computerized touch. The result is played directly on the participant’s body. The drama is no longer performed on an external stage, but in the spectator. It creates physical, personal and sensual space for drama targeting the audience as the center for interactive actions and experiences. Because the texts written for multi considerable reading challenging project our usual ways to read and understand language.

Sense Memory is a further development of The Blind Theater, performed at the Norwegian National Theater in 2009. In cooperation with Dramatikkens Hus in Oslo three distinct pieces were developed:

PART 1: Deception (a piece for Smartphones)
Played and written by Narve Hovdenakk. Video and App’s by Stahl Stenslie

A self-effacing portrait that shows a man on the run from the shame of not succeeding. The subject of the project is both fragmented and being fragmented through video sequences geopositioned (located) in the urban setting of Møllegata in Oslo. Participants experience the play on their own iPhone or Android phone. On their way through urban space they will see and hear specific stories on the phone. The project is a personal, intimate experience that physically connects the narrative, expression and experience. What happens when you use your mobile phone to not just ‘browse’ information, but also feelings? Can art be perceived as a performative social practice?

PART 2: A Piece Under The Skin (binaural theater)
Played and written by Edy Poppy. Dramaturgy Demian Vitanza. Audio editing NOTAM.

In the play the audience slips into the body of another person. Inside a darkened space, the audience listens to a binaural sound that brings them inside a cannibalistic and erotic ritual. The play’s problem rests on an insoluble paradox: how can we become part in a total symbiosis while preserving ourselves as autonomous individuals? Through the use of advanced 3D audio technology it is the ambition of the play to create a sensory hyper-realism, more real than reality.

Part 3: On The Inside (invisible sculptures)
By Stahl Stenslie. Programming: Andreas Göransson / 1scale1. Costume: Ingvild Hornseth
Location: Youngstorget, Oslo

A smart, portable and computerized body suit allows you to hear and physically feel words in a seemingly empty space. By walking around on Youngstorget square in Oslo, words about emptiness are transformed into sentences – sentences which become real, but remain invisible, personalized experiences. Visitors will be part of an active and sensual experience in which their bodies are made into both an outer and inner stageperformance. The project explores the artistic possibilities of new mobile technologies and investigates how theater can shape and manipulate our personality through physical, sensual and direct input. How can an immersive and bodily experience, change and manipulate our emotions? How does it feel to be someone else? From the inside?

The project is supported by Dramatikkens Hus, the Norwegian Council of Culture and NOTAM.

To read the full description as PDF follow this link

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