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Nasjonalpistolen (The Gun of The Nation) is a celebratory monument to the 200th anniversary of the Norwegian constitution, May 17th 1814. It is a functional gun that uses the .22 caliber.

This gun is gift to the people that celebrates our Equality, Liberty, Brotherhood.
Nasjonalpistolen can be freely downloaded and 3D printed on all types of 3D printers.


  • Nasjonalpistolen can be downloaded here.
  • You can view the 3D model online here.



The SCUM GUN™ (2014) is a monument to Valerie Solanas who was a monumental woman of hard action and honest words. Her S.C.U.M. manifesto is unique and she followed up by shooting Andy Warhol. Equally she needs an authentic portrait doing eternal justice to her transgressive performance and inspirational conduct. The monument therefore comes in the shape of a functional gun design to be printed on all standard 3D printers.

In times of rape, violence and killing of women, women need to uphold themselves by all means necessary. Drastic changes to the current gender inequality are now imminent. Some give the fight for women’s rights a face; we give its partisans a gun. The SCUM GUN™  is a leap ahead in the fight for women’s rights.

The SCUM GUN™ is downloadable in standard .stl format. Color of the gun is of your choice. However we recommend nude for concealment, alternatively light pink. We ask you to consider the environment and choose the option of printing the gun in PLA. In case you need to quickly and safely deposit the gun you can do so by devouring it. Otherwise, or for recycling, please compost The SCUM GUN™ after use in your nearest flowerbed.

The link to download the SCUM GUN™
The S.C.U.M. gun can be viewed here

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