The Ichihara Touch Tales

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– sensing place through touch and sound

The Ichihara Touch Tales (2014) project is an interactive art installation using 3D, ambisonic sound to tell site specific, relational myths and stories from the Ichihara district in Japan.

The centrepiece of the installation is a touch sensitive table cut in the shape of the Ichihara district. Inside the table there are several sensors that react to users presence. Touching the zones trigger aural portraits projected as multichannel, moving sound in the space. Together these reactive hotspots form a Deleuzian, rhizomatic and multifaceted structure, allowing for a multitude of stories to unfold.

Each touchzone represents a tale crafted either on Japanese myths from the region, documentary recordings of peoples lives, fictional myths written in Scandinavian style – or a mix of these. This mix of different levels of reality enables the users to compose their own, personal and somatosensory impression of Ichihara.

Programming: Thom Johansen, Notam
Stories and sound: Stahl Stenslie and Ayana Watanabe
Financed by:

To read the full description as PDF follow this link.

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