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As we today print words on paper, Erotogod prints new words as sensations on the body.


Erotogod (2001) is:

  • a multisensorial environment and communication system
  • a space for creative research on sensual experience
  • synesthetic communication based on religion and creation myths
  • a translation of intense sensual experience into dynamic compositions of religious syn-text.

Erotogod is a media art project that generates new stories of creation. The project elaborates on the sensual dimension of aesthetics by connecting advanced computer and interactive technologies to the body as a sensual interface. Erotogod’s dyna-text (dynamical text) has its origin in the written word, but translates the printed into corporal sensations. The emerging texts are synesthetic. They are expressed through: three dimensional, liquid text; 16 channel immersive, real-time audio; a tactile bodysuit.

The multisensorial output needs new ways of reading. The emerging texts can be read as fluid, reconfigured texts or they can be used to write sensual impressions on the users bodies. Erotogod is an installation that uses our sexual power (libido) as erotic and sense-manipulative stimulus. The installation uses the complementary parameters sex and religion. In real-time the installation utilizes the participant’s emotions and expressions to re-synthesize, re-write religious myths of creation. These new stories can later be played back, felt and “written” further through the body interface. The installations body based interface replaces the screen and keyboard by active, sensual expressions. Here the body is used as keyboard – and monitor. Through the users absorption into the sensual reconfiguration, Erotogod manifests the restructuring and synthesizing of central text taken from the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Koran.

To read the full description as PDF follow this link


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