Oslo LUX was founded and is organised by Anthony Rowe and Stahl Stenslie. Additional organisation from Edith Isdal and Meghan Reynard.

OSLO LUX 2015 took the International Year of Light beyond the electric bulb, investigating how BIOLUMINESCENCE and PHOSPHORESCENCE can be used in art, design and architecture. In 2015 presenters included Eduardo Kac, Little Sun (Olafur Eliasson), Koo Jeong ANatasha Barret,  Paolo Di Trapani from CoeLux® as well as Antony Evans from glowingplant.com and more.

LUX is a series of conferences and associated exhibitions that probe the boundaries of light, space and interaction. The events explore, experience and analyse recent developments in art, design and architecture.

Online details of the events at http://oslolux.no