Click. Print. Shoot.

Click. Print. Shoot.

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– Art as a Weapon; Performative sculpture and live 3D-printing 

New technologies forces new thoughts upon us. We have gotten used to the possibilities of smartphones and social media, the surveillance and terror of drone technology – and now comes the 3D printer. It holds the size of your espresso machine, and is as easy to use and cheaper than a laptop. You can now print a weapon in your own kitchen, having the choice of a gun or a cappuccino for breakfast. This is no utopia. The technology and free downloads of functional, digital weapons are available online to every teenager.

We are caught in between our fascination of technology and the despair of losing control. Can these weapons be used? Will yesterday’s toy guns become today’s deadly accessories? In the anniversary year of Edvard Munch, new technology opens up for an anxiety as heavy as the expressionist painter once imagined.

The exhibition shows a performative production of functional plastic weapons, produced by the new desktop generation of 3D printers. This physical manifestation sheds a critical light on the weapon, terror and defense debate of today.
This contemporary art piece goes beyond the symbols of the canvas and pulls out a scream of anxiety, suffering and death using production technological methods.

An ecological gun
The guns are made of PLA plastic which naturally decays in nature. PLA is a thermoplastic, alifatic polyester that is made from renewable sources. If you get tired of the gun you can recycle it as foodwaste.

To read the description as PDF follow this link.


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